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A New Kind of Luxury

Bound is a premium, modern-messenger platform bringing a new, same-day delivery experience right to your door. Our app combines old-school hospitality with state-of-the-art technology to ensure safe, seamless, and efficient logistics in an instant.

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THe Premium

modern-messenger platform pushing the boundaries for on-demand service

Save Time

Instantly get connected with a Bounder in your area to complete your delivery, similar to a rideshare service.

Reliability Reassured

Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Bound’s concierge-like delivery experience is tailored to each user. From elevated PR packages to designer dresses to everyday essentials, Bound is the most trusted option guaranteed to deliver.

Follow Along

Safety ensured with live tracking updates and direct communication options with your Bounder.

A Platform Built For You

Partner with Bound

From product launches, to day-to-day delivery needs, Bound is here to make your delivery experience both easy and memorable.

Become a Bounder

As a Bounder, you can work flexible hours and make reliable money.

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